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"Manmie to Be" Program

Total Transformation™ Package

A Godly Signature Self-Preparation Program

Laurore Coaching Manmie To Be Program

The "Manmie to BE" Program™ is a 3-month total transformation Mindset coaching for the Christian women who are tired, frustrated with all the negative results that they are getting with the pregnancy tests regardless of what strategies they have attempted.

This is a program that will help you SHIFT your thinking, prepare for motherhood and position yourself in the right posture to receive your BABY miracle from God. You will be challenged to face your hard truth honesty and get real with yourself and apply honesty in your spiritual walk with God.

This program is for you if:

  • You are praying to have a baby

  • You are under pressure to get pregnant

  • You need to improve your relationships with your spouse

  • You are not certain if you are even called to be a mom

  • You are confused and frustrated with the process of getting pregnant

  • You have exhausted ALL medical alternatives recommended for pregnancy

  • Your doctor has told you you cannot get pregnant but you've rejected that diagnosis

  • You are mad and furious every time you get another menstruation 

  • You are ready to soar with clarity and prepare to prepare for motherhood

Regardless of what the diagnosis is or what the doctors are saying we believe in the omniscience of God. In  our practice we pray and rely on the Holy Spirit to grant you grace and favor so that you can embark on the extraordinary journey to become a mother. This package guarantees positive results and trasnformational mindset when we depend on God (to do what we CANNOT DO).

Laurore Coaching Manmie to Be Program Expectations

What You Can Expect

During our 12 weeks of Holy Spirit led time together you can expect to experience God-sized Mama Mindset and READINESS and certainty of the future ahead.

New Identify

Mindset Shift

Healthier Lifestyle

Stronger Prayer Life

Total Surrendering

Better Communication

Total Transformation

Mama Readiness

It's time to put your foot down and reclaim what is yours! Reclaim your WOMB and your family legacy! It will mean so much to me to see you   READY as a future mom! There is nothing God cannot do!

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