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Signature Coaching Program

The Evolved Best Self™ Package

A Godly Coaching Self-Development Program

The EVOLVED Best-Self Program™ is a 3-month self-development, deep-dive, laser-focused

coaching for Kingdom-hearted women who are ready to step into and become the woman God

has created them to be.


This is a program that will help you bloom into the woman God has created you to be.

This program is for you if:


  • You are curious about what your future holds

  • You are ready to conquer yourself, your fears and unleash into your best self

  • You want to explore becoming your best self but know you need guidance

  • You are stuck on what your gifts, talents, and abilities are and how to use them for your purpose.

  • You are ready to soar with clarity and confidence because of whose you are


Faith and mindset are two very important pillars that are essential to becoming the woman

God is calling you to be.


Together we will uncover your current mindset and renew it with a Christ-like mindset that takes

you from uncertain to fully confident with a crystal clear vision of what you are purposed for.


What You Can Expect

During our 12 weeks of Holy Spirit led time together you can expect to experience God-sized self-development and growth in your life.


Mindset Shift

Perspective Pivots

New Identify

Total Transformation


Everything you need to create an abundant and empowered life is now just sessions away! Let's put in the work. You are worth IT!

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