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Sophonie Joseph-Laurore Life Coach
I teach Christian women who desire
to conceive but are frustrated because
it's not happening, to SHIFT their
thinking, walk in faith and prepare
to receive their (baby) miracle.

Sophonie Joseph-Laurore

Transformational Life Coach

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Laurore Coaching Slogan
When we take action steps to prepare it shows that we are fully trusting and relying on God to come through! So are you doing your part Manmie

Eight Action Steps
You can Take While Trying to Conceive!

Start taking action to prepare for your baby. What goals and personal desires are you working on in order to receive your baby miracle in the right posture ?  Access this guide & worksheet to help you become Manmie READY! Let's identify how you can begin to experience change to reach those desired goals and become transformed, start shifting your mindset and move in the right direction!  Relying on the Holy Spirit as you trust God leap into your next best chapter NOW!

Laurore Coaching Challenge | Eight Action Steps You can Take While Trying to Conceive!

In her bitter distress, Hannah prayed to
the LORD and wept with many tears. 1 Samuel 1: 10

Are you Really Preparing for
Your Miracle Baby?

I’m Sophonie, a Personal Development Coach, specializing in helping christian women who are praying to become mothers position themselves in the right posture to receive their baby miracle. My focus is primarily structured to serve and cater to the client's needs for them to reach their best potential through soul searching and personal development relying primarily and focusing on biblical principles. By the end of our work together you'll be Manmie Ready! This means that you will experience life changing transformation and become confident about your days ahead as a Manmie to be!

How is this possible you ask? Well, you see I personally walked the struggled road of infertility and tried having children for seven years. But shortly after that God came through for me and my family and made me Manmie. I realize that I went through that experience for a reason. This is why today I help women to shift their mindset and set the necessary preparation for their miracle. 


My vision is to empower women to reach their best potential through continuous personal development while walking in purpose.

My mission is to empower and equip women to become the best versions of themselves so that they finally start living the life God created them for!

When you become a mom, you are walking into your purpose. Your family legacy will go on. Someone will take over the baton and carry out God given visions. Doing this work also plays a role in fulfilling my purpose. I teach, refresh, motivate and command women to live out their stories and experiences through their walk in life.


Thank you for joining me on this journey. I'm excited to see what God has in store for YOU! With the help of the Holy Spirit, I can help you achieve the transformation you are seeking. Are you ready to experience RAW transformation?


See you at the dawn of your preparation. And remember...



You gotta see it before you see it! 

Laurore Coaching | Are you really preparing for your Baby Miracle?

Coaching for every need...

By Session

This is for you if you need clarity on
a current obstacle or an upcoming situation.  60 Minutes is all it takes
to gain that clarity and wisdom you may be looking for.


Preparing for a new challenge,
getting ready for a new business
venture, or gearing up for a life
transition that may take place
in the next few weeks?

Evolved Self-Best™

A three-month package is perfect if you are preparing for a life project that encompasses all of your goals—financially, personally, physically, and emotionally.

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